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Bajo Aguán in Honduras: Serious human rights violations

In the province of Bajo Aguán in Honduras a serious conflict about land rights between farmers' organisations and two palm oil producers are resulting in assassinations and disappearances. In a new video victims and eye witnesses give us their terrible stories about the ongoing abuses of human rights. The video has subtitles in English:

50 persons assassinated

Between September 2009 and June 2012, 48 individuals and a journalist and his partner have been assassinated in the province of Bajo Aguán in Honduras. A peasant remains disappeared since June 2011. 

The Bajo Aguán conflict: Since the Coup d'Etat in Honduras in June 2009 Honduran civil society organisations, among them Diakonia’s partners, alongside with civil society networks in Latin America, the US and Europe have highlighted the serious human rights situation in the country, where Bajo Aguán has been among the worst examples of the lack of rule of law.

Human rights lawyer and prosecutor murderded

The serious human rights situation in Honduras now also includes the murder of the human rights lawyer Antonio Trejo on September 22, and the human rights prosecutor Eduardo Díaz on September 24. The international networks that Diakonia is a member of have issued a pronouncement reiterating the recommendations contained in the Declaration of the International Public Hearing on the situation of human rights in peasant communities in Bajo Aguán, adepted on May 28 2012.

Farmers rights to their land in conflict with palm oil producers

The background is a serious conflict on land, where the peasant organisations claim their rights, opposed by two palm oil producers.

In this 18 minutes long video, the victims, or their relatives, tell their terrible story about human rights abuses in Bajo Aguán. The video has subtitles in English.