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AIC receives Human Rights Prize of the French Republic

The Alternative Information Center (AIC) will receive the 2012 Human Rights Prize of the French Republic for its human rights work in Israel and Palestine. The center has worked within the human rights field since 1984, and is a partner organization which Diakonia supports.

Reward for exposing impunity

The main reason that the AIC receives the Human Rights Prize is primarily because of its work in exposing Israeli impunity in the occupied Palestinian territory. The organization also receives the award for promoting accountability for violence against Palestinians conducted by Israeli military and settlers. "All of my friends and comrades in Palestine and throughout the world will be with me in my heart at the awards ceremony," says the AIC co founder Michel Warschawski who will be receiving the award.

Human rights and peacebuilding

The AIC has since its conception in 1984 worked within the field of human rights and peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine. Michel Warschawski is himself an activist from Israel who has promoted peace and human rights for many years, and he sees the award from the French Republic as an important accomplishment for the AIC.

"The AIC has never conducted its work in order to receive prizes. Yet this prestigious institutional recognition of AIC work is certainly welcome to highlight the need for state accountability. It is in this critical period that France demonstrates an understanding of the need to end Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory in compliance with international law," says Warschawski.