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ACT Alliance: Statement regarding Myanmar civil society

Myanmar/Burma is a country which has seen change during the latest year, enabling civil society to be more open and visible. ACT Alliance has therefore released a statement, which Diakonia supports, declaring that international support to the Burmese civil society is crucial in order to strengthen the capacity of local organizations.

Key role in the Burmese transition

According to the ACT Alliance statement, civil society in Myanmar/Burma has an in-depth knowledge regarding mobilization and participatory movements, and plays a key role in the Burmese transition to democracy, sustainable development and peace. But in order for the organizations to reach their full potential, international assistance is needed with reference to capacity building and technical support.

Call to international donors

Through dialogue with local partners, ACT Alliance calls international donors and governments:

To build direct relationships with local civil society organizations in Myanmar/Burma, to obtain a better understanding of how they work.

To actively urge all parties involved in high-level peace negotiations and political dialogue to ensure active participation for those they represent.

To encourage the establishment of a mechanism for dialogue and monitoring with regards to official development assistance.

To be flexible and equitable in the allocation and distribution of aid to Myanmar/Burma that allows appropriate funding to go directly to both small and local CSO:s.