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Invitation to quote

Diakonia will commission a consultancy to undertake a participative assessment of Diakonia’s Strategy for Change. Complete quotes were to be sent to Diakonia no later than April 21, 2015 at 17.00 hours (Swedish time). 


Strategy for Change and Rights Based Approach

Diakonia works for a just, equal and sustainable world free from poverty, oppression, inequality and violence. At the center of this work is the Strategy for Change and Rights Based Approach which embodies Diakonia’s view of how change happens.

The achieved results of Diakonias and partners work over the years strengthen the conviction that there is no stronger driver for change than when people know their rights and organize themselves together in order to claim those rights.

This belief inspires Diakonia to contribute towards challenging unfair structures that hinder people from living their lives in dignity. The empowerment of people living in poverty and marginalization to qualitatively participate in democratic processes as actors in their own right and by challenging duty bearers makes real and sustainable changes come true. Power analysis from an intersectional perspective and focusing on gender equality are crucial for obtaining sustainable results. Women and girls have a specific priority in all Diakonia’s work.

During many years, the Strategy for Change and the Rights Based Approach have been present in Diakonia documents and activities. Now it is time to assess how it has been implemented and the result of this implementation, for more information see the ToR for the assignment, that can be downloaded on this page.

Requests on bidders

Diakonia therefore invite submissions from interested parties, who shall demonstrate that they are competent in implementing the assessment and also guarantee timely completion of the assignment according to the specification in this Invitation to quote and the enclosed Terms of References. Bidders must demonstrate to Diakonia that they have the capacity, manpower and skills to carry out the work.

Bidders shall give full and due consideration to their availability and expertise prior to proceeding with their quote submission. Diakonia requires that the successful Bidder includes all considered costs for the assignment, describes the proposed methodology and includes the CV of the consultant who will carry out the work.

Diakonia's work with the quotes

Diakonia is procuring for an assessment according to Terms of Reference attached to this invitation to quote. The Price as well as qualitative aspects have been defined and will be handled with the objective of most value for money. We have decided to weight criteria according to the following where Qualitative aspects will be 0,55 and price 0,45. Price should be expressed in SEK and also account for Swedish Value Added Tax. Final Payment will be made by bank transfer 30 days after a by Diakonia approved reported delivered by the consultant.

Diakonia possesses the property rights/rights of use to all results/products. Without the written consent from Diakonia the supplier cannot pass on the results from actual work to a third party. The supplier is free to use the experience, methodology and techniques that are obtained and are being developed through the contract. The supplier is free to use/refer to the assignment and Diakonia in connection with marketing.

Quotes no later than April 21

All quotes complete with attachments (including budget, methodology and CV) – all documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF-format) were to be received by e-mail no later than April 21 (2015) at 17.00 hours (Swedish time) to the following e-mail address: annika.andersson@diakonia.se, and with electronic copy to eva.aberg@diakonia.se.

The emails were to be clearly marked: Offer for the Supply of: [Assessment of the Diakonia’s Strategy for Change]

Notice with respect to a Bidder’s success or otherwise will follow in due course.

For further information about this consultancy; you may contact Annika Andersson, Advisor Human Rights/Democracy at Diakonia's Head Office in Sweden: 
Phone: +46 (0)8 453 69 00
E-mail: annika.andersson@diakonia.se