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Humanitarian relief to internally displaced (IDPs) in Gaza

In July, Diakonia initialized a humanitarian effort in Gaza. Together with the organization Caritas we are giving support to people who have sought refuge in local churches. 


Food and hygiene kits

Goods that have had the highest priority so far is milk, diapers, fuel for generators and dry food packages. Hygiene kits and things that keeps the chilren occupied have also been distributed.

The goods have been purchased from the local market and thanks to the local presence of Diakonia and Caritas it could be distributed quickly.

The churches in Gaza helps everyone regardless of their faith

Diakonia's Ghada Harami, deputy regional manager, tells us about the relief work in the churches that Diakonia carries out in close cooperation with the organization Caritas:

"The fact that the churches are opening their doors to everyone shatter the myth of Christians and Muslims can not live in peace together. The churches help everyone, regardless of religion".

"The church has protected us and provided us with food and helped us in taking care of our children. It is a religion of love, we are all brothers, who love God, each in his own way", says Najat that Diakonia meets with in one of the chuches.

Cooperation with neighboring mosque

One of the priests who is responsible for creating peace and security in the church talks about the relief effort: "We hope that people will feel safe here. We have good cooperation with the neighboring mosque to coordinate supply of hot meals each day".