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Refugees fleeing The violence aginst the people Rohingya has escalated since August 2017. Photo: ACT Alliance/ICCO

Emergency response to Rohingya situation

Right now thousands of Rohingyas are fleeing the persecution in Myanmar/Burma. Diakonia is in place in neighboring Bangladesh and today we start an emergency response in favor of adults and children that have fled.


Since August the violence against the people Rohingya has escalated in the province of Rakhine in Myanmar/Burma. Entire villages have been forced to flee for their lives as their houses were burnt to the ground by the military in Myanmar/Burma. Little children didn’t only lose their homes but also their parents.

“The deportation is so extensive that it is talk about genocide,” says Diakonia’s Secretary-general Georg Andrén. “It is hard to imagine what it is like to flee head over heels just to survive, the insecurity and fear is overwhelming,” he says.

Georg Andrén concludes that we all have a responsibility to acknowledge the deportation.
“We most strongly speak up and make sure to meet the most basic needs of these fleeing people.”

Special support to traumatized children

Those who have managed to cross the border into neighboring Bangladesh get caught up in chaos. The needs are enormous and the resources lacking. Many people sleep under a bare sky since the refugee camps are full. They need food, clean water, and hygiene products. And the children need professional support after the violent attacks they’ve experienced.

That is why Diakonia now starts a rapid emergency response. Our local partner, the Unite Theatre for Social Action, is in place in eastern Bangladesh and has special knowledge within psychosocial support for children. They will also provide 1500 households with supplies such as tents, tarpets, kitchen utensils and blankets.