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Dance as an advocacy tool for persons with disabilities

Between the 19th of June and the 3rd of July 2014, First Ramallah Group (Sarreyet Ramallah) organized a training course for trainers on the mechanism of dance for persons with disabilities in addition to an inclusive workshop for dancers with disabilities. 


The training was held under the supervision of a specialized trainer from the United States of America, Mr. Dwayne Scheuneman who is the executive director of “Revolution” dance troupe. Mr. Scheuneman was present for this training with the dance assistant Ms. Leymis Wuilmott (artistic director, choreographer and dancer).

Training of trainers and workshop

The two trainers delivered a specialized training for trainers who work with disabled individuals. They also held a workshop for a group of dancers and youth with disabilities. The trained dancers from Sareyyet Ramallah held a series of dance training workshops for 20-25 students with disabilities from "Total communication school for deaf" and “I can move – Palestine” group in addition to some students from Sareyyet dance school.

A dance training for those who work with disablen persons

Performance advocating for the right to education

The workshops were completed with an inclusive performance advocating for the right to education for persons with disabilities which was shown during the summer as one of the activities of Sareyyet Ramallah. 

The training was part of the regional rehabilitation programme and supported financially by Diakoni and the Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD). 

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