Diakonia - People change the world
The illustrations in the exhibitions are made by Ulf Frödin. The text in Swedish says: "Where does the development assistance go?"

The Aid maze - exhibition in Sweden

The exhibition "Aid Maze" is shown at the Swedish Royal Coin Cabinet until the end of September. The exhibition is produced by Diakonia and deals with development cooperation, wealth, poverty, us and them.


An exhibition about development

In the exhibition "Aid maze" Diakonia tackles the big and complex causes of poverty and injustice: climate change, tax avoidance, human rights violations, war...

The theme of the exhibition is interpreted by the illustrator Ulf Frödin, whose images are well-known to many Swedes.

Every fifth person on this earth is living in poverty. Each year millions of children die before their fifth birthday. No need to say, the world needs to become a fairer place!

The motto of Diakonia is "People changing the world". Diakonia and its partner organizations all over the world know that long-term development cooperation makes a huge difference in people's lives. On all levels.

At the end of the Aid maze, Diakonia gives advice on how each visitor can dismantle and change the unfair structures that create and preserve poverty.

- For many people in Sweden it is rather unclear what development assistance is really about and how the daily life here is closely interlinked to the lives of thousands of people in other parts of the world. Through this exhibition Diakonia aims to reach out to people and inspire them to join us in the work to make the world a fairer place, says Bo Forsberg, Secretary General at Diakonia.

Educational programme and seminars

As part of the exhibition there will be a special educational programme for students and pupils visiting the museum. This will give young people the opportunity to reflect and discuss how the injustices in the world relate to their personal lives, and how they can join in the fight to change the world.

Diakonia will also arrange seminars related to development issues during the period that the Aid maze is shown in Stockholm.

Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm and then...?

The exhibition will be shown at the Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm from May 26th until September 20th 2015.

The museum will have free admission most of the exhibition time. The museum is situated in the old town, right next to the Royal Castle; the hope is that not only people from Stockholm but also many tourists will stop by. All texts in the exhibition have translations to English.

After the exhibition has been closed in Stockholm, there are other Swedish museums waiting to show it.