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Partner organizations in Uganda demand release of arrested LGBTI activist

On the 14th of November, three Ugandan human rights networks released a statements demanding the release of LGBTI activist Samuel K. Ganafa and four others. Three of Diakonia's partner organizations in Uganda stand behind the statement.


Ganafa - a leader regarding LGBTI rights

A leader in the Ugandan LGBTI community, Samuel K. Ganafa was on the 12th of November arrested, accused of infecting another person with HIV. Ganafa is a prominent leader in the struggle for LGBTI rights in Uganda, as the executive director of Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and board chairperson of SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda). He is known for his engagement in human rights and LGBTI rights.

Three partner organizations supporting: The statement about the arrest of Samuel K. Ganafa was released by SMUG, Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and the Civil Society Coalition of Human Rights and Constitutional Law, where three of Diakonia's partner organizations in Uganda is included. Due to security reasons, we are not able to reveal which these partner oganizations are.

Houseguests also arrested

During the arrest of Ganafa, three of his houseguests were also arrested and taken in for questioning. During a press conference about the arrest, Ganafa was openly shown to the media by the police, despite not having been found guilty of the charges. 

Call for immediate release

The three organizations behind the statement calls upon the immediate release of Ganafa and his houseguests. They also note that the arrest of Ganafa is only one out of several arrests involving people involved in the LGBTI movement in Uganda. They therefore urge that this trend stops, and that the threats against persons representing the LGBTI community, as well as the persons representing those LGBTI people who have been arrested, stop.

Support to the partner organizations through gender equality work

"The partner organizations involved are working with the LGBTI issues as part of their human rights and gender equality work, which is partly funded by Diakonia.  For example, Diakonia has supported one of our partner organizations in getting the analysis of the proposed bill and partaking of the lobby and advocacy work not to get the bill tabled in parliament." says Annabel Ogwang Okot, country manager of Diakonia's office in Uganda.

Diakonia is keeping close contact with the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law in order to see the development of the case against Samuel K.Ganafa.