Diakonia - People change the world
During the youth festival Moving MOuntains, the participants started a flashmob in the centr eof Jerusalem for peace, involving many people around.

Moving mountains - Reshaping the World

Between July 1st and 6th 2013 Diakonia and its partner organization Sabeel gathered young people between 18-35 from all around the world for the youth festival Moving Mountains - Reshaping the World. Together, we addressed important human issues, through both faith-based and secular lenses, in a fresh and active way.


Four main themes

Four themes were highlighted during the week:

Environmental sustainability

Economical justice

Human rights


Unique opportunity

Moving Mountains - Reshaping the World created a unique opportunity for young people to combine deep contextual understanding with practical, holistic response to the pressing global challenges in our time.

An action oriented festival

The youth festival had its focus on action. The daytime work centered itself around activism, encouraging the participants to make a difference within the theme of the day. The ambition was to create miracles each day, by making changes that will be of importance to the beneficiaries in the long run.