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Moving Mountains: Global festival in South Africa

Are you between 18 and 35 years old? Eager to share your ideas on solidarity and global justice issues? Want to combine your commitment with creativity? Maybe the festival Moving Mountains in South Africa 15-22 June 2014 is where we meet?


Vukuzenzele - a new awakening

The festival will be held in Cape Town, at Stellenbosch University. We hope to gather 250 young people ages 18 -35. The organizers this time are Diakonia and Kairos Southern Africa. 

The festival theme will be VUKUZENZELE with the subtheme: "a new awakening for a new generation". Vukuzenzele is a Xhosa word that means to awake and take responsibility.

South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy

In 2014, South Africa celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its democracy. This was the year when Nelson Mandela became President of a free South Africa and declared that: 

Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.

It was, however, the same year that Rwanda experienced its worst human tragedy when up to 1 million Rwandans were killed because of ethnic and tribal warfare. Africans celebrated and mourned at the same time. 
In what is called "The Cape of Storms" and "the Cape of Good Hope", this human story of triumph and tragedy will be explored by 250 young adults from across the globe. This group of young adults will gather from June 15 - 22 in Stellenbosch, the former intellectual home of apartheid ideologies.

The first miracle of the "Moving Mountain Young Adults Festival" will be that this place will be affirmed not as a place of separation but of unity and dignity for all human beings. At least 100 of these young adults will be from the continent of Africa, where new leadership needs to be developed.

Uniting young adults in the work for global justice

Uniting young adults from all over the world, the festival is not just an academic conference or worship experience. It will incorporate these elements with creative action. We want to help young people take a look at unjust realities and examine how Christian theologies are relevant to them. Then we want to actualize these ideas in real life, walking in the footsteps of Jesus to move mountains in our personal lives and in the global contexts.

Moving Mountains in 2013

In July 2013 Diakonia and the Palestinian Christian organization Sabeel, organizaed the first Moving Mountain Global Young Adult Festival in Palestine and Israel. Some 150 young adults from more than 35 countries gathered. For many of them this was a life-changing experience!