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Earth hour takes place on March 29th at 8:30 PM local time - all over the world.

Earth Hour - for climate justice

All over the world, people are preparing for the global manifestation for climate justice: Earth hour. The event takes place on March 29th 8:30-9:30 PM local time. The Diakonia partners La Fundación Solón and Agua Sustentable in Bolivia are already working for climate justice in many ways and they are of course also active in promoting the Earth Hour.


The world's largest manifestation for the environment

Earth Hour has become the world's largest manifestation for the environment and for climate justice.

In La Paz, Bolivia, located 3,600 meters above the sealevel and with a population of about 800,000, civil society has been preparing the event for quite some time.

An Earth Hour week filled with awareness raising

The Diakonia partner organizations La Fundación Solón and Agua Sustentable, are working with research as well as awareness raising about climate change.

Their Earth hour-focus started already on March 21st, the International Day of Forests (declared by the UN), when school children planted trees on the hill- and mountainsides surroundning La Paz.

The following day, March 22nd, was the UNWorld Water Day. Agua Sustentable arranged a water festival along the most popular street of La Paz.

On March 26th Fundación Solón joined peopel for a debate on the theme "Climate change and challenges for Bolivia on its way to COP20, where the importance of linking the national politics for environment to the efforts on the UN level.

Will more than 34 percent of the lights be turned off?

Then, on the actual Earth Hour day, the two Diakonia partners are coordinating a campaign to switch off as many lights as possible during one hour, with the local slogan: "Earth hour: Turn off the light for one hour and give earth more time".

Last year on Earth hour in La Paz, the local electricity supplier estimated that 34 per cent of all lights in the city were switched off. This year we are hoping for an even better result!