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Together with several other organizations, Diakonia attended the celebratin of the Swedish National Day held by the Swedish embassy in Zambia.

Diakonia's activities on the National Day (6th of June)

On the 6th of June, the National Day of Sweden, Diakonia were present at two important activities: the National Day celebration at the Swedish embassy in Zambia and the equmenia annual meeting in Sweden.


Celebrating with embassies in Zambia

In Zambia, Diakonia participated in a celebration held by the embassies of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. At the celebration, the Swedish ambassador announced a new strategy for the embassy's work in Zambia focusing on three areas:

Increased employment opportunities in rural areas

Improved health

Strengthened democratic accountability and transparency

At the gathering, the embassy also thanked Diakonia for our continuous work with local Zambian organizations, with a call to keep our ears to the ground when working with human rights issues in the region.

Collecting bills at an annual meeting

As part of the mobilization campaign Climate change - Sweden does a runner, Diakonia attended the annual meeting of equmenia, the youth organization of our denomination Equmeniakyrkan. Being in close contact with our denominations is an important part in securing Diakonias status as a popular movement, and through signing the campaign, visitors at the annual meeting had the opportunity to participate actively in Diakonia's advocacy campaign.