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CIFCA speaks out against feminicides

The civil society network CIFCA, which Diakonia is a part of, has launched a campaign in the European Parliament about feminicides in Europe and Latin America, urging to end the killings of women.


About the campaign

The campaign is an initiative from CIFCA, Grupo Sur and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, urging the European Parliament to take a greater stance against feminicides (women killings). The first step of the campaign has been to produce the video above, where members of the European Parliament primarily, but also civil society organizations and citizens of Europe and Latin America talk about the effects of feminicides. Another part of the campaign is to make MP's speak out against feminicides and urge their country to do the same.

Facts about feminicides

The prevalence of feminicides is a continuous problem around the world, especially in Latin America. In fact, five of the twelve countries with the highest rates of feminicides are countries from Latin America. The killings of women are commonly done by domestic partners, and the reasons for the killings differ greatly.

The campaign promotes new resolution

Two members of the European Parliament have initiated a process regarding the production of a resolution on feminicides in Europe and Latin America. The resolution is supported by CIFCA's campaign, and while it will not be binding, CIFCA sees the creation of the reosolution as an opportunity to raise awareness about the issue in societies all over Europe.