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The Diakonia programme manager Safá Abu Assab and the regional manager Ingrid Sievert Uddén on stage at Tamer Institute's 25th anniversary.

25 years of children's literature

On December 10th, the international human rights day, the Diakonia partner organization Tamer Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary. The festivity stressed words as tools for survival, and the winning of the book ‘Wonderful Trips in the Mysterious Worlds’ in the Itisalat Award by the Palestinian writer, storyteller and Professor Sonia Nimer.


Tamer Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary and the shared winning of the Itisalat Award 2014 for with the Palestinian Writer Sonia Nimer for the book “Wonderful Trips in the Mysterious Worlds”. The celebration took place at the Mahmoud Darwish Museum in Ramallah. 

23 year long partnership with Diakonia

The celebration was launched by a reading of a piece by a young Palestinian from Gaza Strip who is a member of the writing team in Tamer “ Yara’at”, and a speech by Ms. Abla Naseer the Head of board members of Tamer.

It also celebrated an extended and very fruitful long partnership with Diakonia, whom have been contributing to the journey of Tamer for the past 23 years. Ms. Ingrid Sievert Udden, the regional director, and Ms. Safa’ Abu Assab, the programmers manager at Diakonia participated in the celebration and praised the partnership with Tamer, as it crosscuts with the goals of Diakonia in Palestine.

Winning book by Sonia Nimer

The celebration included a short animation movie on Tamer’s approach towards “A Free and safe Palestinian Learning Society”. It also included a celebration of the winning book, through honoring of its writer Sonia Nimer, whom has amused the audience with her imaginative and laughter provocative speech.

A warm and peaceful celebration

During the celebration, youth presented another two pieces of their writing, together with some oriental Oud music.

The celebration was attended by at least 170 writers, illustrators, librarians, representative of related miniseries and other formal local and international bodies and partners, and importantly by talented youth. A warm and peaceful celebration of the vision, despite all hardships.