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International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

In the context of the oPt many issues arise concerning international law. Understanding which laws bind which actors and why, why both IHRL and IHL apply and why Israel is defined as an Occupying Power under international law, is crucial.

All parties to the conflict have legal obligations. Firstly Israel as the Occupying Power has extensive obligations under both international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL). In addition when engaged in hostilities the de facto authorities in the Gaza Strip are also bound to respect the customary rules on the conduct of hostilities. Furthermore international organizations, humanitarian workers and corporations affected by provisions of international law. 

The practices of the Occupying Power, Israel, raise serious concerns under international law, not only under IHL and IHRL, due to the erosion of the basic protections and practices of acqusition and annexation of territory: in clear contravention of the central notions of modern public international law- which itself was inspired by the tragedies of the Second World War.