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Occupied Palestinian Territory

The occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) has long been at the center of much international attention. The prolonged occupation by Israel has resulted in the deprivation of the most basic rights for Palestinian people.

  • Overview

    Overview of the history, context and current humanitarian situation of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).
  • International Law & oPt

    In the context of the oPt many issues arise concerning international law. Understanding which laws bind which actors and why, why both IHRL and IHL apply and why Israel is defined as an Occupying Power under...
  • Administration of Occupation

    The law on occupation is based upon the notions of maintaining status quo, and administering for the benefit of the local protected population. In the context of the oPt some of the clearest violations of...
  • Conduct of Hostilities

    The rules on the conduct of hostilities should only apply in extreme situations, with the general rule being that the use of lethal force should be regulated by the law enforcement notion.
  • Israeli Settlements

    The presence of Israeli Settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is a central issue in the context of the conflict. As a matter of law the transfer of population into occupied territory...
  • House Demolitions

    House demolitions are regularly undertaken by the Israeli forces against Palestinian homes in the West Bank, including in East Jerusalem and Area C, despite the fact that private property is strictly protected....