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IHL Reports

Diakonia IHL Resource Centre provides a legal perspective on current issues of interest related to the protection of civilians and their properties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our work focuses on the application of international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) to specific policies, practices and issues pertaining to the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

The analyses aim at providing humanitarian and development experts and practitioners, policy and decision makers, researchers, academics and journalists with accessible and reliable information on international law and its applicability in the oPt. IHL is a key reference and tool for people who work to increase the protection of civilians, alleviate human suffering, and  promote peace, justice and development in Israel and the oPt.

The objective of these analyses and the related recommendations is to facilitate policy formulation.






 Rule of Law: A Veil of Compliance in Israel and the oPt 2010-2013

March 2014


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International Crimes and Accountability: A beginner’s introduction to the duty to investigate, prosecute and punish

Dec 2013


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Accountability for violations of International Humanitarian Law : An introduction to the legal consequences 
stemming from violations of international humanitarian law

Dec 2013



"Securing Injustice", Legal Analysis of G4S Israel Operations in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Nov 2013



"Planning to Fail", The Planning Regime in Area C of the West Bank: An International Law Perspective

Sep 2013


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 "Within Range", The legality of the land, Buffer Zone in the Gaza Strip

Jan 2011


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