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Ala' and Maysa' under the stones

A case study from the IHL Resource Centre report "Within Range", The legality of the land, Buffer Zone in the Gaza Strip". January 2011


On the evening of 28 April 2011, Abu Is’ayid’s house was hit again. Earlier, armed Palestinians were reported having fired mortar shells towards Israeli troops patrolling along the fence. The Israeli troops responded by firing four tank shells, of which at least one hit the Abu Is’ayid’s bedroom (picture) and the corridor where his children were playing. “I saw Ala’ under the stones, but could only see Maysa’s hand sticking out from under the rubble,’ says Nasser. Both had been wounded by shrapnels.

Other families have evacuated the area in the past decade, but Nasser lacks resources to relocate to a safer area. He is now looking for funding to build a new house on the same land, but further away from the Armistice Line. Meanwhile, he and the children are sleeping in a tent outside their house.

© Courtesy of the International Solidarity Movement