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Physicians for Human Rights are an organization that combines health work for people in poverty, regardless of their social status or ethnicity, with advocacy for human rights. Photo: Markus Marcetic

Palestine: Media impact improves human rights situation

Diakonia's partner organization Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has succeeded in making the human rights situation for Palestinians known to the world.


882 articles in media

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has maintained a heightened presence in local and international media due to their important engagement in the cases of Palestinian prisoner’s hunger strike, freedom of movement of ambulances into and out of East Jerusalem.

In 2012, the project's outcomes were highlighted in 882 articles including 86 articles in Hebrew, English and Arabic in terms of the work of the Occupied Territories Department.

Resulted in decrease of administrative detaniees

There were also 760 articles and news items about the results of Prisoners and Detainees Department.

PHR’s advocacy actions led to a decrease in the numbers of administrative detainees, and an increase number of statements by international community condemning the practice of administrative detention and more ethical care for hunger striking prisoners.

Increased respect for human rights

Diakonia has been working in partnership with local civil society organizations in Palestine for more than ten years, with a focus on areas such as democracy, social and economic justice, women’s rights and youth at risk.

Through the diligent work of our partner organizations we have experienced enhancement in democratic processes and respect for human rights by encouraging youth to participate in nation building and reforms.

These results were made possible through a variety of projects such as engaging youth in producing new inventions that can be used in every-day life, counselling young people and discussing their issues so that they restrain from dropping out of school and marrying early.

New synergies between Israeli and Palestinian partners

Our partners have also tirelessly worked to promote gender equality through advocacy, empowerment and raising community awareness about women’s issues and achieved an establishment of a quota for women in the elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council.

We have also seen our partner organisations manage crisis interventions and offer assistance to children traumatised by the conflict.

And lastly, we have observed a creation of new synergies between both our Israeli and Palestinian partner organizations who continuously work to achieve a peaceful conflict resolution that will give a chance to a sustainable development in Palestine.