Diakonia - People change the world
For many years, Diakonia have been cooperating with the women's organization AFEM from the DRC. As the evaluations of our cooperation with AFEM have shown that the partnerhsip have been frutiful, the cooperation have continued and developed further. Photo: Joakim Roos

Evaluations of our work

Evaluations of Diakonia's work are important in order to make sure that we reach our goals and constantly improve our quality of work and our effectiveness.

Around 50-100 studies and evaluations are made each year of Diakonia's work in countries where we have development work. All of the partner organizations are evaluated at least once per contract period, ar every five years. Also are programmes are regularly evaluated.

You are welcome to visit the web pages of the countries in which Diakonia works to see if there are studies or evaluations that you are interested in. You are also welcome to contact us in order to learn more about how we work with evaluations and studies.