Diakonia - People change the world
”Unity is our strentgh” says Rampati Devis in the village Bhojpur, India. After several years of delay, there wes finally going to be a bridge so that the women could get safely to the market. Then they discovered the bridge was being jerry-built. With support from Diakonia’s partner organization Chetna Bharati, women from 12 villages united to put pressure on the builder and local authorities. Today they have their bridge, solid and well built! Photo: Stephen Welch

Diakonia and support to partners

Diakonia strives towards being a flexible donor, supporting partners’ agenda and prioritizing long-term partnership.

Strategic partnerships

Diakonia has a vast experience in identifying strategic partners within the civil society: Organizations that are effective in acting for development and change.

Many of our partner organizations focus on concrete work within one specific area. Thanks to the cooperation with Diakonia, they get the possibility to work on a long term basis.

In their long term work they can identify all relevant and critical processes and factors that affect and influence their area of work. In the end, the processes shall deliver a more just and equal society – a real and sustainable change that involves all relevant rights holders.

Guiding principles in our relationship with partners

Ever since Diakonia first started its work in the 1960's, the relationship with partner organizations have been characterized by these guiding principles:

A strong and genuine parthership

Prioritization of strategic and long term work

Focus on strenghtening local organizations in their own work

Inclusion of capacity building in all partnerships

Core funding and capacity building

When possible, Diakonia provides core funding or programme funding to partners. This enables, for example, long term efforts and also networking on many different levels.

We always include capacity building in our partnerships. The capacity building is a result of the partner's own developed strategies and identified skills necessary for an effective work.