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CV:s of Diakonia's Board members

This page presents the curiculum vitaes of the Diakonia board members.


Mr. Pether Nordin: Presently the Chairperson of the Board. Pether has a MBA degree; he has also studies in business, mathematics, pedagogy, law, and Science and Ideas History. Professional experiences: Chief financial officer in Östergötland Enskilda Bank (Swedish bank), Ericsson (Telecom Company, Sweden), Corren Group (news agency, Sweden). He has also worked as Director of finance at Sweden's Transport Agency. Currently Diocesan Director, Linköping Diocese.

Ms. Annette Drewitz: Annette was elected member of the Board in June 2017. She has a Primary Teacher’s degree in Mathematics and Natural Science, she also have Special Education Teachers degree. She has worked as a Primary Teacher for 8 years, and for the last 11 years she is working as a Special Education Teacher responsible for supporting pupils with special needs, and she is also responsible for the Students Health Service at her school. She is involved locally in her congregation, belonging to the Swedish Alliance Mission. She is also a member of the International Advisory Board for the Swedish Alliance Mission. 

Mr. Christer Daelander: BA in Biology, Chemistry and Geoscience and also holds a Teaching degree. He has worked as a Missionary and Teacher in Congo-Kinshasa 1980-1990. During 1990-1992 he worked part time as a Teacher at Betel Bible Institute and from 1992 -2000 he worked as a High school Teacher. From 2000-2012 he worked as International Mission Secretary at the Swedish Baptist Union. From 2012 he is working as a Coordinator for societal issues within the Uniting Church.

Mr. Göran Gunner: He is an Associate Professor of Missiology, Doctor of Theology in History of Religion and Researcher at the Church of Sweden Research Unit and he is also a Teacher at the Stockholm School of Theology. He is also a Pastor of the Covenant Church of Sweden. Göran Gunner has worked from 1995-2003 as an Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Theology. From 2002 and onwards he is a Researcher at the Church of Sweden Research Unit, and is also working since 2003 as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Theology. Among other assignments he is Member of the Conference of the European Churches’ (CEC) working group on Human Rights and Religious Freedom.

Ms. Ingela Svedin: Master of Arts from the University of Stockholm. Ingela has been working since 2007 at Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation) and the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm and Paris, mostly with issues relating to transparency, aid effectiveness, development financing, post 2015, OECD/DAC, EU and UN. Ingela has been a Board member of the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR) between the years 2008 – 2014, and served most of that time as vice-chairperson.

Mr. Oskar Permvall: Oskar Currently works as Price Manager SA OSS BU Support Solutions at Ericsson. Previously Chief of production of educations at Ericsson (Telecom Company, Sweden), Master in electronic engineering, member of the Uniting Church in Sweden. Oskar has been on the Board since 2007, and was the Chairperson of Diakonia from 2011-May 2015. He is continuing on the Board of Director as a regular Board member.

Ms. Ann-Sofie Lasell: She has a bachelor degree in social work and has worked as a social worker, manager in the County Council and as organizational consultant. During 2012 – May 2015 she worked at the Christian Council of Sweden administrating the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). From June 2015 she is the Director of the Christian Study Centre (Bilda) in Jerusalem.