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Diakonia's framework agreement with Sida

Diakonia is one of the Swedish non-profit organizations that receives the largest funding allocation from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida.


The framework agreement

The largest single agreement with Sida is the framework agreement, through which Diakonia will receive grants in 2014 of SEK 165 million for development work in developing countries and SEK 5.5 million for information and communication work in Sweden.

How Diakonia spends the money from Sida

Diakonia has a presence in more than 30 countries, working locally with over 400 partner organizations. It focuses on providing support to people who live in poverty, giving them the power to change their own lives. Thematically, Diakonia concentrates on human rights, democracy, gender equality, social and economic justice, and peace and reconciliation.

32 per cent to Africa

In terms of percentages the largest portion of the funding provided to Diakonia by Sida in 2014 will be spent in Africa: 32 per cent.
A small proportion, just under four per cent, is used by Diakonia’s head office in Sweden. Its work primarily involves supporting global development efforts providing more in-depth knowledge in specific thematic areas. It also involves developing methods and quality assurance.

Grants dependent on donations

Eligibility for civil society grants from Sida is dependent on the organization having a self-funded element. This means that Diakonia itself has to contribute at least ten percent in order to receive the funding applied for from Sida. In this year's application Diakonia is contributing approximately SEK 23.7 million. This money comes from donations from private individuals, parishes, societies and companies.

Funding for information and communications

The information grant, which for Diakonia amounts to SEK 5.5 million in 2014, is used to spread information in Sweden about the forces driving development in poor countries. The funding from Sida may not be used for advocacy work. Instead Diakonia funds such activities with money from the Swedish Postcode Lottery.