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Regional programme: Africa Economic Justice

Within the African Economic Justice programme (AEJ), Diakonia supports 10 regional partner organizations, who are pushing for fair financial flows in and out of Africa and economic equality throughout the continent. Diakonia supports their efforts financially and through capacity building, which allows these partners to access centers of power and influence economic policies.


Our themes

Within the frame of the AEJ programme, Diakonia and our partner organizations strive for:

Debt reduction - to mobilise resources for development and to promote responsible lending/borrowing practices.

Aid effectiveness - to promote aid and development effectiveness.

Gender equality in economic issues – to ensure equal participation and opportunities for women and men in economic life.

Sustainable private sector investments and operations – to ensure that all people benefit from private sector investments and economic growth.

Climate justice - to ensure adequate funding and appropriate policies for adapting to climate change and to create a fossil free sustainable development path for Africa.

Fair trade regimes – to enable Africa to make use of its competitive advantages and to contribute to poverty eradication.


So far, our partner organizations within the programme have managed to, among other things:

Conduct research, networking and capacity building concerning tax evasion and pro-poor trade regulations towards CSOs and national governments.

Arrange the SADC Peoples’ Summit, with a range of 250 diverse participants, held at the same time as the Annual SADC Heads of State. The summit resulted in local organizations beginning to engage with the SADC focal points.

Produce a report on mining companies coinciding with a tragic mining accident, which thereby garnered much media attention and put the issue of mining forward.

Lobby the East African Community (EAC) to adopt a Gender Bill to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in the development of East Africa countries.

Represent the African Voice in global meetings on climate change and aid effectiveness.

Mobilise civil society organizations in holding African governments accountable on tax justice issues.

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  • Somalia: Tax awareness

    Diakonia supported the Puntland government in collecting tax, and influenced the tax system.