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Diakonia in Africa

Diakonia works in several African countries. The work is coordinated from our regional office in Nairobi, Kenya.

9/24/2013 Publisher: Leif Newman
  • Burkina Faso

    Together with our partner organizations, Diakonia has more than 20 years of experience in changing the lives of vulnerable people in Burkina Faso. The main objective of Diakonia's work is to improve the living conditions of people living in poverty at the grassroots level, as well as working for policy influence at a national level. Diakonia in Burkina Faso
  • DR Congo

    Diakonia and our partner organizations in the DRC aim to promote democracy, human rights and gender equality in the country. Diakonia supports the vibrant civil society in the DRC, with special emphasis on capacity building of civil society organizations. Diakonia in DR Congo
  • Kenya

    In Kenya, Diakonia co-operates with a variety of local and national NGOs, along the thematic areas of governance and democracy, human rights, food security and gender equality. Diakonia in Kenya
  • Mali

    Together with our partner organizations, which are national and local NGOs, Diakonia works in most regions of Mali. After the elections in 2013, Diakonia and our partner organizations have increased the work related to democracy, with a special focus on transparency and accountability. Diakonia in Mali
  • Mozambique

    In Mozambique, Diakonia works through organizations, forums, platforms and networks of national outreach present in the eleven provinces of the country. Diakonia in Mozambique
  • Somalia

    Diakonia has worked in Somalia since 1994. Through capacity building of civil society organizations, particularly women's local NGOs, and through promoting awareness and respect for human rights among the population, we support the democratisation process in Somalia. Diakonia in Somalia
  • Uganda

    Diakonia works mainly in the north eastern Karamoja region of Uganda, focusing on improving the living standards of the most vulnerable people in the region. Diakonia has also initiated strategic relations with civil society organizations in the capital Kampala, and in other parts of the north of Uganda. Diakonia in Uganda
  • Zambia

    Diakonia started working in Zambia together with two partner organizations in 2003. Today, we co-operate with many organizations at different levels of society, organizations that all work with Diakonia's five thematic areas. Diakonia in Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

    Together with our partner organizations, Diakonia promotes peace and security, human rights, democracy and gender equality in Zimbabwe. Diakonia in Zimbabwe
  • Regional programme: Africa Economic Justice

    Within the African Economic Justice programme (AEJ), Diakonia supports 10 regional partner organizations, who are pushing for fair financial flows in and out of Africa and economic equality throughout the continent. Africa economic justice - regional programme