Diakonia - People change the world
Hadi Mahamar runs a women's collective in the village of Toya in northern Mali. Through her strong leadership, the women jointly indulge themselves in ariculture, making it possible for them to support their families. Photo: Karl Melander

Diakonia's change makers

Diakonia works with development cooperation in a different and lasting manner. We support change makers that lead projects which enable people to become strong enough to get themselves out of poverty and oppression.


Poor and oppressed people know what change is necessary

At Diakonia, we are strongly convinced that people living in poverty and oppression know the roots of their problems, and that they are the ones most fit to find a solution to the problems. That's why Diakonia does not run any projects of our own, but instead co-operates with roughly 400 local organizations in 30 different countries.

Change makers: Stubborn, active and courageous

In every country, every organization and every project that Diakonia supports, there are change makers. People who have had enough. People who have made up their mind, and decided to change the world for the better, and who do it with other people that strive for the same change.

They have turned their anger into action, just like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa once did. Many times, the change makers have small access to resources or other means which is needed for their engagement to lead to sustainable change.

The change makers work stubbornly and long-term. Many times, they put themselves at risk. Because the rights which are obvious in many developed countries are unfortunately not as obvious everywhere.

The partner organizations

All of Diakonia's partner organizations are stabile and enjoy a high reputation within their communities. They have knowledge about the local challenges, and work long-term with addressing these challenges. They are well aware of the problems that need to be solved and have constructive ideas about how to do it. Diakonia, and the ones that support us by donating, make their work possible. Together, we are people changing the world.