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Contact the Diakonia head office in Sweden

On this page you find contact information for staff at Diakonia's head office in Sweden. The list is sorted by alphabetical order of first name.




Works as/with


Ana Maria Camuñas Roldan Controller - annual Accounts anamaria.camunas@diakonia.se
Ann Elofsson Controller ann.elofsson@diakonia.se
Anna Axelsson Policy advisor - climate  anna.axelsson@diakonia.se
Anna Marklund Intern anna.marklund@diakonia.se
Annette Wallqvist Communication officer, Act now for climate justice campaign annette.wallqvist@diakonia.se
Annika Andersson Advisor - democracy and human rights annika.andersson@diakonia.se
Annika Magnusson Fundraising officer annika.magnusson@diakonia.se
Bo Forsberg Secretary general bo.forsberg@diakonia.se
Cecilia Nilsson Kleffner Policy and advocacy manager cecilia.nilsson.kleffner@diakonia.se
Cecilia Ängelid Process support cecilia.angelid@diakonia.se
Domingo Torres Santos Advisor - grant management domingo.torres.santos@diakonia.se
Eric Nilsson Senior advisor - PME and quality assurance eric.nilsson@diakonia.se
Esther Flores Sedman Media relations officer esther.floressedman@diakonia.se
Eva Åberg International manager eva.aberg@diakonia.se
Ewa Widén Organization coordinator ewa.widen@diakonia.se
Gabriella Riddéz Fundraising officer gabriella.riddez@diakonia.se
Gitt Karlsson IT-system administrator gitt.karlsson@diakonia.se

Gunilla Melsted

Human resources manager gunilla.melsted@diakonia.se
Gunilla Sjöblom Administrative assistant gunilla.sjoblom@diakonia.se
Helena Lind Fundraising and communication manager


Jasmin Hedlund Human resources assistant jasmin.hedlund@diakonia.se
Jenny Enarsson Gender advisor jenny.enarsson@diakonia.se
Joakim Wohlfeil Policy advisor - conflict and justice joakim.wohlfeil@diakonia.se
Krister Adolfsson Deputy secretary general


Lena Hansson Communication officer lena.hansson@diakonia.se
Lena Jansson Payroll officer lena.jansson@diakonia.se
Lena J. Sandberg Accountant officer lena.sandberg@diakonia.se
Linda Hammarberg Advisor - humanitarian work linda.hammarberg@diakonia.se
Magdalena E Ackeberg Marketing officer


Magnus Walan Senior policy advisor magnus.walan@diakonia.se
Marianne Gustafsson Project leader - business development support marianne.gustafsson@diakonia.se
Mikael Ribring IT-coordinator


Mina Jhowry Advisor- Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) mina.jhowry@diakonia.se
Minna Fredriksson Advisor Conflict and Justice minna.fredriksson@diakonia.se
Penny Davies Policy advisor - development financing penny.davies@diakonia.se
Petter Jakobsson Education and mobilisation officer petter.jakobsson@diakonia.se

Robert Törlind

Coordinator - resource mobilisation robert.torlind@diakonia.se

Sara Hugosson

Youth and activist officer sara.hugosson@diakonia.se
Sara Wizén Fundraising officer sara.wizen@diakonia.se
Stina Taylor Controller stina.taylor@diakonia.se
Susanne Wahlberg Fundraising administrator susanne.wahlberg@diakonia.se
Sven Jansson Project leader sven.jansson@diakonia.se
Victoria Gillberg Communication officer victoria.gillberg@diakonia.se
Viktoria Myrén Consultant viktoria.myren@diakonia.se
Åsa Beckius

Policy advisor - private sector